About Us

Innovatel is a Hosted VOIP company. Innovatel has developed a one of a kind system that provides a set of services that no other company provides in its totality. Innovatel custom platform is uniquely positioned to serve the market because of a rich feature set, ability to enable for quick service delivery, and technology that transfers VoIP onto the Public Switched Telephone Network.

We manage and support the service delivery platforms to deliver VoIP services to the end-user.

Innovatel’s collaboration efforts has spawned symbiotic relations with some of the best partners in the industry, giving forth a wide range of telephone numbers, infinitely the best 911 service in the industry, and some of the best international and domestic termination to be found.

Innovatel carrier grade VoIP infrastructure made from redundant and robust IP server hardware and switches and user interfaces to deliver our clients the highest quality products and most sought after products.

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